V.O.C.Educational Society

V.O.Chidambaram College of Education came into being in 1955 which is named after the great patriot and freedom fighter V.O.Chidambaram Pillai.  The college was started not as a commercial venture for the glory of a particular family or community, but to cater to the educational needs of the youth of Thoothukudi particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

            The renowned educational institution is situated in a colossal and luxuriant campus of about 20 acres on the National High Ways at Thoothukudi.  Flanked by this location, the college is easily accessible by both road and rail.  The tranquil ambiance soothes the anxious young minds and gears them up for rigorous academic pursuits.  The progress of the college is the consequence of noble aspirations, intense diligence, meticulous calculations and innovative execution of grand plans by the college community.


            The missionary fervor is enshrined in the Motto – ‘Love, Knowledge and virtue’.  That is, education is envisioned as a process of disseminating knowledge in a spirit of love and dedication to the highest ideals of nationalism and education for the all-round development of the learner and the wider society.

            A close look into the “Moto” would make this clear.  Two points are worth mentioning.

  • Teaching, i.e., the imparting of knowledge, forms the central part of the trinity – Love, Knowledge and virtue.

  • By teaching, it is meant not the mechanical imparting of information but an activity nourished and nurtured by love and resulting in service to humanity – which is what virtue means in institutional terms.

The images of the Annaparavai (the swan, the lotus and the Ship sailing the seas, emblazoned on the motto, symbolize this mission of the college.  The Annaparavai symbolizes the power of discrimination which true learning is expected to promote and produce; the Lotus, on the other hand, represents the power of the Love to survive in an even prevail over the most trying conditions.  Together, they symbolize the unity of the head and the heart, and its power to nurture and transform the human individual, which is what the word ‘education’ means etymologically.  As for the ship sailing the seas it not only represents the Swadeshi spirit of the freedom movement and its great leaders like V.O.Chidambaram Pillai, but also the spirit of enterprise that education should nurture and promote.

The image of the ship sailing the seas is dominated by the images of the Annaparavai and the Lotus, suggesting that this spirit of expansion or enterprise should be informed by a spirit of discrimination and love – in other words, growth should be in terms of enriching human welfare and not at the cost of it.  It is this mission that is the ground work of the college and the seed – bed of all its activities.

Our prayer song is an example of how our mission is woven into the fabric of our day-to-day activities.  The Present Secretary and the principals who succeeded Prof. Appalachari and, more importantly, our team of dedicated teachers have all kept alive these values both in what they said and what they did.  It is the spirit of dedication to the Mission that they said and what they did.  It is the spirit of dedication to the Mission that explains the sense of community that bids together all our stakeholders and the sense of continuity that characterizes all our work.  Our students, who have made the grade in many walks of life have also become crusaders of these values.  As for our ability to plan and work our plans, it is this that accounts for the phenomenal growth of the college – both vertical and horizontal, encompassing both human and technological aspects.  It is this that explains our focus on teaching and our college started M.Ed. in the year 1966, M.Phil. in the year 1986, and approved as Research centre in the year 1990.