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V.O.C.College of Education came into being in 1955 which is named after the great patriot and freedom fighter V.O.Chidambaram Pillai.  The college was started not as a commercial venture for the glory of a particular family or community, but to cater to the educational needs of the youth of Tuticorin particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

          The renowned educational institution is situated in a colossal and luxuriant campus of about 20 acres on the National High Ways at Thoothukudi.  Flanked by this location, the college is easily accessible by both road and rail. The transquil ambiance soothes the anxious young minds and gears them up for rigorous academic pursuits. The progress of the college is the consequence of noble aspirations, intense diligence, meticulous calculations and innovative execution of grand plans by the college community.