The academic facilities are utilized by neighboring schools and colleges.  M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D. scholars and faculty members of other universities and institutions use our library for reference.  Our college is a center for research in education.  The research materials available in our library are really a source of guidance to all those engaged in research since our library has rare collections of research materials which are not available in the colleges nearby.

            Inter-library borrowing is available within the institutions run by our management.  The staff members of different institutions are permitted to refer library for their academic purpose during non working hours.

            Nearly 100 books obtained by the financial aid of the government, and generous contribution of the management are in the book bank. This facility is useful mainly for the disadvantaged students.

            The library has question bank.  Orientation regarding library resources and library reading is given to the students in the beginning of the academic year.  Visually handicapped students are supported in the form of reading the text by the librarian.  To encourage & inculcate the reading habit among the B.Ed. students our management is giving prize to the best library utilize.  Library day is celebrated every year to inculcate values of reading habit.  The children’s corner is utilized by the children of the local schools.

            Students can make use of the above said library facilities at any time.  For the sake of students, library is kept open in the morning before the college begins, during lunch break and in the evening.

            In M.O.U. with Kennedy foundations, USA, the library has been importing the books from the USA every year.

Facilities for Students

            Students can avail the photocopying facility at any time.

            Students can avail the touch screen facilities

            Students can avail the computer for locating learning resources.

v  To search the books by accession number

v  To know the total number of volumes in the library

v  Details regarding author, little, publishers’ name, the price of the book

v  Availability of the book in the library

v  List of bound (back volumes) journals in the library

v  Details of Kennedy books in the library

v  Back volumes of “V.O.C. Journal of Education”

v  The reference books available in our library

v  Encyclopedias, reports, dissertation abstracts, national and international year books, dictionaries, general knowledge book and research tools

v  Reference books in children’s corner